I am Marina.
I was born in Belo Horizonte, Brazil and ever since I was a child have travelled the world.
I have travelled the planet earth and the fantasy world.
I am a free spirit.
I believe that home is where we feel at ease.

I walk in big cities, exotic places, but I find myself in nature.
I like smelling the rain, hearing the roar of the sea, bathing in a waterfall, gazing at the stars.
Accompanied by a good wine, it's even better.
I delight in watching people. Knowing that the human being is
so unique and so different at the same time: so many colours, flavours, ideas, cultures and
universal emotions...

The process

I like the truth that good art brings with nothing to hide, regardless of language: Music, Film, Fine Arts, Literature. With this prerogative I allow myself to explore the world of photography as a whole kaleidoscope of possibilities and sensations. Having studied International Relations, Journalism, Photography, Arts Direction, Theatre and Dance my approach to my work is a blend of commerce and art.